Mcdonalds News: Latest News and Updates on Mcdonalds

The burger chain that was started years ago by two people Maurice and Richard McDonalds in the year 1995. This was the time when they started with their burger invention on the streets of Chicago. Their burgers became famous so much that people from all the places came to taste their burgers and would fall in love with them. This made them and their product very famous. This also led to the starting of their food chain that has now become so famous that people are falling in love with the taste and the service provided by them. All you need to do is visit MCDVoice Official Site and give them your honest opinions about your last visit. This burger chain gradually started spreading across the globe and in today's scenario, it has its outlets in almost all the countries and cities in the world. This makes this burger chain gain a lot of profit and become so famous.

What is the latest news related to this company?

The latest and the most important news related to this company as of now is that the ambassador of the company that brought this company in India and opened an outlet for the same in the Connaught Place, Delhi. The man who introduced this chain is named Vikram Bakshi. He brought the franchise of McDonald's in India in the year 1996 and since McDonald's is trying to push him out of the venture.

Why the ambassador of McDonald in India leave the venture?

This was the biggest blow on the face of the person who introduced McDonald's to India and because of whom the people of India got to taste the burgers made by them that were famous worldwide.

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A man walks into the check-in-counter at the airport in Toronto straight to the Desk Officer. He greeted her and the following conversation took place “Good morning! Could you please check me in on the flight to Winnipeg and send my bag to Cancun!”. Wearing an expression of surprise on her face, the woman politely replied “I’m sorry sir. I can certainly check you in on the flight to Winnipeg, but your bag will have to go with you. I can’t send your bag to Cancun”. The man was amazed as he said “But you did it last time!”. Really, how I wish I could inform you this story is funny. In the actual sense of it, it is funny. However, and sadly too, this is based on a true-life experience which my family; consisting of myself, my husband and our 3 children had while on a journey from Toronto to Winnipeg. Most often, for me it is usually a time of fun and relaxation travelling on Domestic Flights rather than on International. It relieves me of the stress of crossing borders and going through customs verifications of papers and other related protocols.

Nevertheless the usual flight delays or cancellations, which usually are common with domestic flight, things do go smoothly with domestic flights. Earlier in the day of our scheduled flight to Winnipeg, I checked my email and got a mail that informed me that our flight was rescheduled for an additional hour. We got to the airport far ahead of time,which gave us the

opportunity to have plenty of time to spare. We were therefore relaxed, and not particularly in a hurry. It is important to bring back to our memory that anyone who has had the cause to travel in the recent times will found out that things have changed at the Toronto Airport. The former process of airport officials having your luggage handled is no longer what obtains.You as a passenger will have to process the

passage of your luggage using the established technology in the departure hall. Thinking of a day that, I will be asked to fly myself after all necessary processes would have been completed at the airport. It was in the night of the previous day that I checked all of us in and thereafter printed the boarding passes. We all got prepared ahead of the travel that will be on the next day.

As soon as we got to the airport, I headed straight to the self-serve terminal to print out our baggage tags. The tags were applied on all our bags our selves. In the real sense, with this process, there is not much to be done by the airport officials anymore as it used to be. Thereafter, we went through the baggage check unit and then pass our 5 bags over. We boarded the plane and in another 2 ½ hours, we were in Winnipeg. Recall that, the Winnipeg Airport was recently built with latest technology in place with a view of enhancing customer’s satisfaction and comfort. Having alighted from the plane, we walked straight to the section where we are to claim our baggage. Surprisingly, four out of the five bags that were handed over at Toronto Airport were what came out. Hopefully we were waiting for the arrival of the 5th bag owned by my 10 year old daughter, it never did. Coincidentally, my son, who takes delight at teasing his kid sister, had said that “your bag went to Cancun”.

However, and as if my son had a pre-knowledge that his kid sister’s bag actually went to Cancun, the flash light confirmed that, there was no more bag to be expected. You can imagine that we have to eventually filed a “Missing Suitcase” report. So we left the Airport with four of our bags. Your guess is as good as mine,

what kind of thought ran through my mind. My 10 year old daughter was very upset, yet she comported herself. I am very thankful that the bag does not belong to my daughter who is 17 years old or my husband’s. I won’t be to tell what her reactions would have been. Much later in the evening of

the same day, I was later informed that her bag has actually been taken to Cancun. It was then scheduled to be taken back to Toronto on the following morning. It will leave Toronto Airport and back to Winnipeg. We were given the option of picking it up or have it delivered to us where we live.

Yet again, in an earlier discussion in that same day, I recalled how I sent a parcel to my mom, from Toronto which was to be delivered to her in Winnipeg, but eventually went to Halifax! Initially, it could not be confirmed where it was taken to, not until 6.30pm of the 2nd day that it was found in Halifax. Even though I was assured that it will be taken to Toronto, and then routed to Winnipeg. I do not know what to believe any more given my past experience and the anxiety that ran through my mind. This made us in the family agreed not talk about distant travel destination again, at least for a while if this will be the kind of experiences one will continue to have. Eventually, the suitcase was later delivered to us at our cottage where we live. It is about 1 ½ hours outside of Winnipeg. I want to say that there is no disputing the fact that technology has made life more meaningful for human beings. At least, some functions which we all sometimes ago would have been involved has now being automated and done by machine or robots. However, we have forgotten so soon that the products of technology are made by man. We have therefore thrown caution to the winds and hitherto, the extra care which we normal have on most issues are no longer with us.

Imagine when it was in the days of electrical typewriter, as a typist you will need to be extra careful so that you do not make any mistake when you are typing a letter or document! In a situation where you make any mistake, you will have to start the typing all over! Since the introduction of Computer in doing your letter, we then assumes that the machine is another human who is expected to be perfect and not prone to making mistakes. This kind of assumption is quite erroneous, because we have forgotten that it is what we feed into it that it will generate, usually referred to as “Garbage in Garbage out”. It is advisable to say that, all of these modern inventions, which has made life for you and me more comfortable than what it used to be has their limitations! Go the extra mile and cross check as that singular act may save you a lot of embarrassment much later!