Mcdonalds News: Latest News and Updates on Mcdonalds

The burger chain that was started years ago by two people Maurice and Richard McDonalds in the year 1995. This was the time when they started with their burger invention on the streets of Chicago. Their burgers became famous so much that people from all the places came to taste their burgers and would fall in love with them. This made them and their product very famous. This also led to the starting of their food chain that has now become so famous that people are falling in love with the taste and the service provided by them. All you need to do is visit MCDVoice Official Site and give them your honest opinions about your last visit. This burger chain gradually started spreading across the globe and in today's scenario, it has its outlets in almost all the countries and cities in the world. This makes this burger chain gain a lot of profit and become so famous.

What is the latest news related to this company?

The latest and the most important news related to this company as of now is that the ambassador of the company that brought this company in India and opened an outlet for the same in the Connaught Place, Delhi. The man who introduced this chain is named Vikram Bakshi. He brought the franchise of McDonald's in India in the year 1996 and since McDonald's is trying to push him out of the venture.

Why the ambassador of McDonald in India leave the venture?

This was the biggest blow on the face of the person who introduced McDonald's to India and because of whom the people of India got to taste the burgers made by them that were famous worldwide.