Party Events


Hanging out with friends and going to party events is interesting, but can even be more interesting when you are having your cameras active as you go on with the liveliness. Gone are those days when people use to move about or go to events with cameras just to take those nice pictures, this is due to the advent of smart phones, people can now take even smarter pictures just the way they like it without stress. Put it in your pocket, purse or your bags and bring it out whenever you need to take those nice shots, your smart phone can be your mobile photo booth. Although having a smart phone with the best mega pixels is not necessarily going to guarantee the best shots, but considering the fact that most smart phone are loaded with camera smart features, you can easily take those best shots utilizing these features. In this article we are going to be reviewing few tips that you can make use of while taking pictures. Here are five tips that can help you take those better pictures that look professional.

Utilizing different picture resolution

With these smart phone features you can choose to either use the Landscape or Portrait screen resolution. Whenever you desire to capture that wide area you can easily use the Landscape mode or you just feel taking full height picture you can make use of the portrait mode. Let’s take for instance you and your friends went to the stadium to watch an exciting football match to cheer up teams and it downs on you to take some snapshots from the spectators stand, just lunch your camera and go to your options and select Landscape view, you will definitely liken yourself to a professional photographer. May be you want to take a selfie with friends or alone, why not use the portrait; it is just best fit for that nice picture.

Using crop feature other than optical zoom

You desire to have an enlarged picture and you want a feature that can help you achieve this purpose it is better you take the picture first and then go on to edit the picture by cropping it, this you do by tapping on the option button which will allow you enlarge the picture to your desired size rather than using the zoom in feature. The optical zoom is when you place your two fingers on the screen while taking pictures, but doing so will make you take a blur picture, so avoid using the zoom in feature when you desire those nice shots. Aside using the pinch method to zoom in your picture, you can also use the volume up or the volume down button. But I still advice that you snap the picture first, and then later on you may decide to crop it to the size you desire.

Taking multiple shots at a time

With the burst mode feature pre-installed in your smart phone you can rarely miss a single shot while taking your pictures. For example you took your child to the swimming pool and you like the way he/she wants to dive into the water, the best camera feature you can use is the burst mode which will help you take multiple pictures where you can choose from the best among them, so that you don’t miss any single moment. Taking multiple shots saves you stress of clicking over and over again as this will not only make you miss the series of movement but also will make the snapshots limited.

HDR Mode can give you color balance

It is night time and you want to take some snapshots but the light is disturbing, all you need to do is to turn on the HDR mode on your phone which can take three separate picture for you and blend the color of the picture. At times when you’re taking picture against the reflection of sun light it may affect the color of the picture, then you may need to turn on the HDR mode; you can as well switch it on automatic. The HDR mode is one of the smartest features of latest smart phones.

Up close and personal

Up close and personal is what I have tagged that type of picture you wish to snap as close as possible. You saw a miniature flower and desire to have wonderful glimpse of it, or are you a researcher who detected a small organism and desire to have a closer look at it. Taking a close-up snapshot is just the best option. Your smart phone is smart enough to give you that edge to take snapshots by tapping on the object on the screen of the phone. If your smart phone is of the latest version, it should be able to provide you with a virtual box on your camera when you launch it, so when you see that just tap the box and it will help you snap a close-up snapshot.

Considering all this it is fair to say smart phone cameras are gradually replacing the regular photographic camera due to its versatility. Ensure to check out this smart phone features, probably you may want to utilize them during your picture escapades. Is your smart phone lacking any of this reviewed features, do not worry Google play store has a way of helping you deal with that, through its numerous related stored apps. You can visit the Play store to download the application which bets suit your demand. Some special camera or picture applications that you can find interesting can help spice up pictures and give it that professional look. Nevertheless the reviewed features are pre-installed in your Android smart phone, and it is just meant to show you how best you can utilize you camera. However to add effect to your pictures and/or edit them, you can storm the Google play store to get other backup apps that can beautify your pictures.